Top 10 Candidates for the Democratic Nomination – August 1

We’ve had both nights of the second debate of Democratic candidates to take on Trump in 2020.  Remember, this list is based on my preference and not a ranking of the candidates based on their polling.  This is who I want to be the candidate, that’s all.  I’m going to offer some commentary this time as well.

  1. Elizabeth Warren – up 1 spot.  Good two debates.  Has the policy chops, good debater and a fighter.  I worry about her replacement in the Senate being nominated by a Republican governor.  I haven’t hidden that I think the top spot should be a woman.  She’s also head and shoulders above all the candidates for me right now.
  2. Julian Castro – up 3 spots. Had another good debate.  Has some good policy ideas.  I like the fact that he’s all in on the decriminalization of border crossing and making it a leadership issue.  He’s not going to wilt in the fact of Republican attack on immigration.  I really like him as Warren’s VP if she gets the nomination.
  3. Kamala Harris – down 2 spots.  Very uneven debate last night.  She’s still one of the top three most likely to get the nomination imo.
  4. Cory Booker – first appearance in the ranking.  Really good debate last night.  He’s carved out some good space in the criminal justice reform arena.
  5. Joe Biden – down 1 spot. Joe is still the candidate most likely to take on Trump next November.  He had a better debate this time around, but he’s just not a good debater.  Not quick on his feet.  I don’t know if this is an age thing or it’s just not his strength.  He needs to know his own plans better.
  6. Pete Buttigieg – down 3 spots.  He had a hard time finding his place in the moderates v. progressives night of the debates.  I’m not sure I see him at the top of the ticket, but a good VP candidate for any of the women candidates.
  7. Bernie Sanders – up two spots.  Bernie had a good debate.  I like how he sticks to his principles.  He uses the same lines over and over.
  8. Kirsten Gillibrand – down 1 spot.  I think she’s probably not long for the race.  Not sure she’s going to qualify for the next debate.  She brings a good focus on women’s issues though.  Might be a good VP candidate for Joe.
  9. Andrew Yang – first appearance in the ranking.  Most improved from first to second debate.  Not likely to be the nominee or the VP, but he’s bringing something to the debate.
  10. Amy Klobuchar – down 4 spots.  She’s staking out the Midwest and moderate lanes as an alternative to Joe.  If she can stick around, she’s a dark horse for the nomination.

Dropped out: – Beto O’Rourke; Steve Bullock



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