My July Political And Other Donations

It’s the day before the dealine, when I like to give my donations.  I’ll keep this short because there’s other campaign stuff still to do.

I’m going to give $20 to Joe Biden and $20 to the Warren Democrats.  I’ll give $20 to the Democratic candidate for the 2nd District here in Tennessee.  I’ll give $20 to the Knox County Democratic Party and $20 to the Tennessee Democratic Party.

[checks email for other solicitations…]

Let’s see, how about $10 to Mark Kelly, because we need another astronaut in the Senate.  I think I’m going to donate in the future to the Sierra club, maybe the local chapter, but since they just endorsed me, it might be untoward to do so now.  Before the election.  I’ll keep them on the back burner.

Nothing else is jumping out right now.  I need to add a non-political donation, but if I find the right one, I’ll donate and update in next month’s edition.

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