MCU Movies, Ranked

I noticed that Marvel took their turn at Comic-con in San Diego yesterday and they announced some of the movies that will be coming in Phase 4.  I’m a big fan of the movies and comics.  My favorite Marvel comic to read is Spider-man.  I guess I’m more Peter Parker than Miles Morales.

I’ve been with the movies since the beginning.  Some years the only movies I will see in the theater is an MCU movie.  I’ve seen these lists before and I think I’m in the ballpark of others that have ranked the MCU movies.  Still, so I can keep this for myself and for posterity, here’s my list:

23 – The Incredible Hulk – I’m not sure this even feels like part of the MCU.  It’s not controversial to say that Ruffalo IS the Hulk.  Norton who?

22 – Iron Man 2 – weakest of the true MCU movies.

21 – Thor – Dark World – I liked how they came back to this one in the time travel sequence in Endgame.

20 – Thor – Is there something up with Chris Hemsworth’s eyebrows in this one?

19 – Iron Man 3 – Could be higher on the list.  Best scenes – Tony and the kid in Tennessee.  Pepper saving Tony at the end.

18 – Doctor Strange – This is a good movie, but it’s an origin story, which makes for a slower pace. I look forward to the sequel.

17 – Captain America – the First Avenger – Cap is my favorite character of the big three.  Peggy is terrific.  But it’s an origin story, so lower on my list.

16 – Ant-Man and the Wasp – I like the humor in both Ant-Man movies.  The credits scene in this one is necessary for the set up in Endgame, but otherwise doesn’t warrant top 10 status.

15 – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 – Kurt Russell is a fun baddie here.  The opening scene is great.

14 – Avengers: Age of Ultron – Weakest of the Avengers movies, but it’s still the Avengers.

13 – Ant-Man – Origin story, but done so well it didn’t feel like one.  Paul Rudd is great.

12 – Iron man – Started it all.  Fun movie, but just too many other movies that are more fun.

11 – Black Panther – avoided the origin story by having T’chaka introduced in Civil War.  Michael B Jordan is a great villain.

10 – Captain Marvel – One of @maddocsudi’s favorites.  Great to see a female superhero, plus she’s the strongest by far.  Happy to see the Skrulls coming into the MCU. Still, it’s an origin story that bogs down in parts.

9 – Spider-Man – Homecoming – It’s Spidey, so he’s going to be in the top 10.

8 – Spider-Man – Far from Home – Spidey again.  I probably need to see it again and see if it holds up to the first viewing.

7 – Thor – Ragnarok – Buddy picture.  Good humor.  I’m a fan of the Planet Hulk comic series that they borrowed from here.

6 – Captain America – Civil War – I’m a fan of the comic series Civil War (Civil War II not so much).  Zemo as the villain didn’t work for me, but the battle scene in the airport is near the top of my list of MCU movie scenes.  Plus, Spider-Man.

5 – Avengers – Infinity War – If I take this one with Endgame, they’re number 1 and it’s not close.  But, I could also have this one lower.  Spoiler Alert – bad guy wins.  Spidey and many other great characters turn to dust.  OTOH, it has another of my top scenes – where Thanos’ henchmen are coming after Wanda and Vision.  They stop, there’s a train passing and then Steve is on the other side of the tracks.  Gives me chills every time.  Love that scene.

4 – Guardians of the Galaxy – Star Lord is great.  The team is funny.  Great music.  Plus, this is probably the MCU movie that I’ve watched more than any other.

3 – Avengers – It’s kind of an origin story.  But the getting there is half the fun.  Then the team brings it together and kicks ass.  Hulk…smash.

2 – Avengers – Endgame – I’ve seen it twice in the theaters.  Cried both times.  Just a great, terrific movie and I can’t wait to watch it with @maddocsudi again when it comes out on disc in a couple of weeks.  The end battle has so many good team-ups.  The time travel sequence is great.  Call backs to some excellent parts of the MCU history.  And the deaths were heartbreaking.

1 – Captain America – Winter Soldier – Maybe Endgame should be in this spot.  I could call them 1 and 1a.  But my favorite all-time scene in the MCU is in this movie.  Steve in the elevator.  I’ll go back to that scene over and over.  I love the first scene with Steve running past Falcon.  Steve and Bucky.  Redford is a great villain.  Shield is Hydra?  What?  And Black Widow is at her best here.  Nope, this is number 1.

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