My April Political And Other Donations

I haven’t been writing here much.  I’ve been heavily working on social media for the campaign and any writing I’m doing is on Facebook or the other site –  Still, there are some things that I will continue to write here, including this monthly post.

With everything going on with the quarantine, political fundraising is down.  And nonprofit organizations are hurting as well.  I mentioned in passing that I had given a donation to the Knoxville Zoo.  But I’m going to formalize my nonprofit/charitable giving and add that to my “budget.”  I’m also going to raise my monthly amount for a little while.  Here are my adjusted parameters.  My limit is $100 per month.  I’ll try and give $10 per politician or political cause and $50 another local organization that can use the money.

I’m starting off with $10 to Joe Biden.  I’m not yet enthusiastic about Joe like I was Elizabeth Warren.  But I am enthusiastic about defeating the incumbent.

I’m also going to give $10 each to the Knox County Dems and to Renee Hoyos.  I’ve been giving to them in the past.  Renee’s team has been very friendly and offered to help my campaign.  The KCDP are very supportive as well.

Beyond that, I’m going to send $10 each to a couple of the Democratic candidates for Senate, in the hope that they can help President Biden get his agenda enacted.  So, $10 to Amy McGrath in her quest (quixotic though it may be) to take down Mitch McConnell.  And $10 to Steve Bullock in the hope that he can turn Montana a little bit blue.

A few weeks back, Renee Hoyos suggested we give to the InterFaith Health Clinic instead of donating to her campaign.  Well, I donated to Renee’s campaign, but I’m also going to donate to the Clinic.  According to their website, the InterFaith Health Clinic “provides accessible, affordable & quality health care service to the low-income working uninsured & underserved.”  So, I’ll send them $50.

The Mad Doc and I are in the position to be a little more generous with our money right now.  She’s one of the healthcare heroes out there still seeing patients and delivering babies despite the stay at home orders that the rest of us are following (hopefully).  If you’re in the position to help, I hope you will too.  We’re all in this together after all.

Stay safe out there!

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