Top 5 Candidates For The Democratic Vice-Presidential Pick – Warren Drops Out Edition

It doesn’t seem like there’s any reason for me to do a Top 10 or anything like that for the Democratic nomination for President now.  There are 3 candidates left and one shouldn’t have been in in the first place.  For what it’s worth, my list would be: 1-Biden; 2-Sanders; 3-Gabbard.  But she’s only on the list because she hasn’t dropped out.

And I admit that I’m a bit bummed about the fact that Elizabeth Warren dropped out today.  She’s been top of my list since last summer.  I’m using some of her ideas in my own campaign and she’s definitely part of the inspiration for why I’m running in the first place.  Sad to see her go, but I know she will be a prominent figure in the party for a while to come.

But I’m here to give you a first shot at a list of potential names for VP to either Biden or Bernie.  A couple of old white guys need some balance, so that’s who I’m focusing on.  I heard someone say today that he thinks Biden’s pick will be Mayor Pete.  That’s just crazy talk.  Pete in the administration?  Sure.  Just not as VP.  Both of these men need to put a woman on the ticket, someone young preferably, and possibly someone to shore up their weak areas.  Do they go for a unity pick or someone who reinforces, like Gore to Bill Clinton.  Any chance Biden and Bernie share the ticket?  No to that, but everything else is on the table I think.  Except it has to be a woman.

Here you go:

  1. Michelle Obama – It’s a pipe dream I know, but a Biden/Obama ticket is a sure fire winner.  She doesn’t want to the do the politics thing and I don’t blame her.  But she wouldn’t have aspirations for the top job and could take on some important issues as VP.
  2. Kamala Harris – OTOH, maybe Biden needs a powerhouse whom he can groom to take over and who can do a little of everything.  Harris has experience at the state level and in the Senate.  I’ve heard her floated as AG, but I think they should aim higher with her.
  3. Stacey Abrams – Maybe not as much experience, but she can excite the youth vote in a way that no other of these candidates can.  Or I’m reading it wrong.  Plus, she’s great at campaigning and organizing.
  4. Amy Klobuchar – She’s a good complement to Biden, not so much for Bernie.
  5. Elizabeth Warren – She’s a little too old and I think her talents would be wasted in the 2nd banana spot.  But maybe she is a unity option with Biden.  Or does she rein in some of the more extreme parts of Bernie’s plans?  Plus, if she’s selected, a Republican governor chooses her successor.


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