Impeachment And Politics Miscellany – Cover Up Edition

The political part of my brain is still focused on campaign stuff.  I’ve got to prepare for a few public speaking things, including a 5 minute spot on local TV, called “Equal Time,” a Meet and Greet that sounds more like a debate, and a Democratic function where I’m going to introduce myself to Democrats in my District.  Still, with all that, there’s some horserace and impeachment stuff on my mind.  Maybe if I write it down, I can move on to the other stuff without interruption.

  • Whatever happens with the impeachment (so-called) trial that’s starting today, at least forever and ever, Donald J. Trump will be one of the minority of Presidents who was impeached.
  • It’s hard for me to get too worked up about the shenanigans being cooked up by Mitch McConnell that he’s trying to pass off as a trial.  This was always going to be how it was going to go.  It’s exactly the opposite of how he would be acting if it was a Democratic President facing impeachment, but the hypocrisy of his actions has never bothered him.  Or hurt his electoral chances.  I can hope it’ll be different this year, but I’m not sure Amy McGrath can beat him.
  • So, the important thing about this sham of a trial is that Democrats should make the Republicans take as many votes in support of the cover up as they can.  There are Senators in Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, Arizona, Iowa, and maybe a couple more for whom these votes will be politically painful.  McConnell only has 4 votes of wiggle room before it becomes a D win and an R loss.  I say get them on the record and then take the case to the voters of those R senators.  Let’s see how many we can make pay for covering up Trump’s misdeeds.
  • I’ve been expanding my local network of social media friends in hopes that it will pay off for me in the campaign.  Even though I’ve been with Warren pretty much since the beginning, I’ve learned that I fall more into the camp of Democrats who are more interested in defeating Trump than in getting my favorite candidate at the top of the ticket no matter what.  I would have thought that was a no-brainer.  But there are quite a few people out there in Facebook world who still have a mentality of Bernie or bust.  I single out the Bernie supporters because I’ve only seen this phenomenon with them.  I had some unfriendly interactions with Kamala supporters (after she had already left the race) and they were angry at Warren and Bernie.  I think blaming their focus on grassroots donations as the reason that Kamala couldn’t get enough money to stay in the race.  But even those few Kamala supporters admitted that, after they had processed her leaving the race, they would get behind the eventual nominee.  That sentiment is less common among Bernie supporters.  I want to think we’re on the same team.  Not just in defeating Trump, but in the fact that we’ve got very similar agendas.  The difference between Biden and Bernie is nothing compared to the difference between Biden and Trump. But maybe it’s not as simple as that.
  • Bring on Ranked Choice Voting!
  • I guess I’m not up for the Revolution just yet.

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