My December Political Donations

It’s about that time.  The emails and texts are coming in hot and heavy from all of the candidates to whom I’ve previously donated, especially because it’s the end of a quarter.  You can go back and see my previous monthly posts, if you want.  Last month’s is here.

It’s a little different this time, since I’m running for County Commission.  I’ve given myself a donation (about which I’ll write soon at  And in my platform (more on that soon too), I’m coming out strongly against the big checks and PAC money in my local race.  So that skews my thoughts a little on this donation thing.  But, the small dollar donations I’m making here are the kind that I will consider accepting at some point down the line.  So, I think I’m safe from claims of hypocrisy.

Anyway, I’m giving $10 to Elizabeth Warren.  She’s still #1 on my ranking and I’ll keep giving to her until she’s not viable or something else changes.  I’m going to give my other $10 to the Knox County Democratic Party (the one here in Tennessee if you’re wondering).  I may try to give some money to some races for House or Senate seats down the line, but it’s so fluid at this point, I’m going hang back and wait to see how things shake out.

By the time I do another one of these posts, Iowa caucus is going to be upon us.  Real voting is coming soon.  See you then.


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