Yesterday Was a Good Day for Kentucky

For two reasons.

First, and most importantly for all Kentuckians, the odious Matt Bevin appears to have been defeated by Andy Beshear and will no longer be Kentucky’s governor in a couple of weeks.  Of course in true Trump acolyte fashion, Bevin didn’t gracefully concede his loss, which was by about 5,000 votes.  No, he said he would not concede because of unspecified “irregularities.”  We won’t put it past the Kentucky GOP to try and find a way to install Bevin back in the governor’s mansion despite the clear loss he experienced from Kentucky voters.  I heard this elsewhere regarding these claimed “irregularities.”  Every other major office up for election yesterday was won by Republican candidates.  Some by huge margins.  So if irregularities were at play in the election, how come only Bevin lost?  Why wouldn’t those sneaky Democratic scoundrels also rig things so that more Democrats could win?

Second, and just as important to me, the Kentucky Wildcats Men’s Basketball team won a huge game in the Champions Classic against Michigan State, the preseason #1 team in the land.  Maybe not a huge surprise since Kentucky was the preseason #2, but still a great win for my favorite sports team.  Look out on Sunday or Monday for my weekly post where I update my College Basketball Top 25 and share billing with a local college student studying sports management, aka my son, the MadZee.

One thought on “Yesterday Was a Good Day for Kentucky

  1. The line I found funniest/most appalling about this came from UK Senate Pres Robert Stivers, who may have offered a peek at future shenanigans when he said (per the Courier-Journal) that “He said [he] believes most of the votes that went to Libertarian John Hicks, who received about 2% of the total vote, would have gone to Bevin and made him the clear winner.” The duopoly just can’t understand that some of us hate both sides.

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