Hey Kentuckians, Today’s Your Chance to Get Rid of Matt Bevin!

Matt Bevin is an unpopular governor.  But he’s an R, not a D, plus abortion, so he may get reelected in today’s gubernatorial election.  That’s really too bad.  Just like with his fellow super unpopular, but somehow gets reelected even though he does nothing good for the state with his power in Washington Republican Senator McConnell, Kentucky deserves better.

While I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, I was born and raised in Kentucky.  It’s where my family is from and many of them still live.  I don’t have a vote today in the elections about an hour north of where I am, but if I did, I’d be voting for Andy Beshear over Matt Bevin.

But MadDog, you’re a noted liberal and amateur Democratic pundit (some might say shill).  I’m sure you’d just vote for a terrible Democrat over any Republican, wouldn’t you?  To that I say not necessarily.  It’s a topic for a longer post that I want to write, but the short of it is that I vote for the candidate that advocates most or all of my policy preferences.  It just happens that, on a national level, the Democratic candidates share my preferences and the Republicans are the exact opposite.

Maybe someday the partisan fever in Washington will break, but it can be different at the state level.  Heavily Democratic states like Massachusetts (Baker) and Maryland (Hogan) have successful and popular Republican governors.   Heavily Republican states like Montana (Bullock) and Kansas (Kelly) have successful and popular Democratic governors.  I would say that the voters of those states were able to shake off the R and D fever and they chose the best people for the job, regardless of party.  I’m here to say that Kentuckians should do the same and elect the Democrat Andy Beshear.

Now, I could write about how Beshear has the best policy ideas for leading the state.  But I’m not convincing you on that basis.  No, you should vote for Beshear because Matt Bevin has been a terrible governor and a disgrace as the leader of the state.

Matt Bevin admirably started to try and fix Kentucky’s pension problems.  But he did it by going after teacher’s pensions.  When teachers rallied to fight Bevin’s proposed changes to their pensions, Bevin said that a child somewhere in the state was left home to be sexually abused because the teachers weren’t at school that day.

Matt Bevin has also stalled and stonewalled on the issue of sports gambling in Kentucky.  While the bordering states around Kentucky get that revenue, Bevin lies and shifts blame elsewhere for why it can’t be passed in Kentucky.  He even said, “Every night somewhere in America, somebody takes their life in a casino because they’ve wasted the last semblance of dignity and hope that they had.”  And then he lied and said he didn’t say it, even though there was a recording of him saying it.

Bevin has also been shady in accounting for his flights on state owned planes.  Even when he finally released some of the information about the flights, he has evidently not released all of the information.  It’s a state owned plane, so shouldn’t the citizens of the state have a right to know how he’s using it?

So, if you’re a Republican, split your ticket and get rid of the awful, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Matt Bevin.  If you’re a Democrat, proudly vote for Andy Beshear.  C’mon Kentucky, we deserve better.

And, Go Cats, beat Michigan State!

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