My Representatives on Impeachment

Since there’s going to be a vote today on the process of the impeachment in the House of Representatives, I thought it would be interesting to see what my Representatives have had to say.

I follow Tim Burchett, 2nd District TN, on twitter, so I usually see in real time what he has to say about the matter.  He also puts his press releases on his official website.   His latest press release is about a resolution he introduced to “to give all Members of the House of Representatives better access to Congressional hearing documents.”  It’s called Let Everyone Access a Copy of the Transcripts Resolution.  As this USA Today article points out, however, there are 47 Republicans on the committees which are holding the closed door hearings.  I wonder why Rep Burchett doesn’t just ask his colleagues to fill him in.  And just for fun, what else is our representative doing online?  Well, he tweeted the story from Fox News about Jeffrey Epstein and whether he was murdered.  He also retweeted a story from Gateway Pundit about MS-13.  So that’s fun stuff.

What about the junior Senator from Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn?  Well, her press releases page doesn’t include anything about the impeachment.  On Fox News, she said the House impeachment investigation is a kangaroo court.  A scan of her twitter feed shows no mention of the impeachment.

How about the senior senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander?  He’s not running for reelection in 2020, so maybe he’ll have something to say.  Well, his press releases page includes a statement on the resolution drafted by Lindsey Graham.  He joins Graham (who, btw, was a reservist AF JAG at the same time as I was serving on active duty as an AF JAG).  He wants the impeachment process to be fair and says that the Dems should look to how their counterparts during the Nixon impeachment sought to include Republicans in the process.  Alexander wasn’t in the Senate during the Clinton impeachment, so I probably wouldn’t be able to find any hypocritical comments from him in that regard.  Still, if he’s able to research back to the Nixon impeachment, I wonder why he can’t look at the partisan circus that was the Republican-led impeachment of Bill Clinton.

On October 10, Alexander went on the record and said, “It’s inappropriate for the president to be talking with foreign governments about investigating his political opponents, but impeachment would be a mistake…An election, which is just around the corner, is the right way to decide who should be president. Impeachment has never removed a president. It will only divide the country further.”  So put Lamar Alexander in the group who would say that what the President has done is wrong, but does not warrant removal.


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