Friday Afternoon Politics Post

  • Senator Warren finally released her Q3 fundraising numbers.  At 24.6 million, they’re right below Bernie’s massive haul of 25.3 million.  Mayor Pete was at 19.1 million and Biden was at 15.2 million.  So, the top two Democratic fundraisers got their money with no big dollar events.  Looks good for the grassroots strategy that they’re both employing.
  • If we have any pause about actually removing Trump from office after impeachment, it’s the thought of President Mike Pence.  I just wish he would make up his mind on what he thinks about foreign election interference.  It’s almost like his opinion changed once it became clear that Trump was in favor.
  • Speaking of Mayor Pete, here’s a good piece on his “undeniable allure.”  I just need a nudge at this point to put him at number two in my personal rankings behind Warren.  Here’s the laugh out loud section about Trump that sold me on the article.

And that raises a new question: Is Buttigieg, who would be four years younger than JFK if he were inaugurated in 2021, ready for the White House? Not ready in the way that Donald Trump was ready (a random first-grader eating paste would undoubtedly do a better job), but ready to be a successful president who would lead America out of the wreckage of the Trump years?

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