Defeating Moscow Mitch

While I live in Tennessee, I was born and raised in Kentucky.  I bleed blue for the Wildcats and I still keep track of how things go up there in politics.  Here’s something that’s at the intersection of both.

Matt Jones is the host of the radio show Kentucky Sports Radio and the owner of the website with the same name.  He’s also considering running for Senate as a Democrat against Mitch McConnell.  I like the radio show (I listen on podcast).  It’s a little on the frat boy side of things, but Matt genuinely cares about the people of Kentucky.  He’s got good sources for Kentucky basketball news and happens to have some similarities with yours truly.  He’s a Democrat in a red state (although he’s probably more on the moderate side of things).  And, like me, he was a lawyer before he found another way to make a living.

So, in the last week Matt did an hour long podcast talking about the process of deciding whether to run.  There was some good stuff in there for people interested in behind the scenes politics.  Also, today he announced that he’ll be writing a book (due out next March) as a love letter to the State of Kentucky and pointing out how Mitch McConnell has failed to help the state he has been representing in Washington for decades.  It’s going to be called Mitch, Please.

Matt says he’ll be announcing his intentions before football season starts.  So, in the next two weeks.  I think he’ll end up running and I hope he wins the nomination if he does.  I have nothing against Amy McGrath, but I share Matt’s estimation that she can’t beat Moscow Mitch.  She’s just there to make Mitch have to spend money and attention on his reelection campaign, rather than helping other Republicans get elected and reelected.  That’s a good thing, but I’d prefer to see someone in there who can actually win.  I think Matt can win.  He’s an underdog, for sure, but he’s got the best chance of all the Democratic candidates to beat Moscow Mitch.  Run, Matt, Run.

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