Ya Basta!

My Russian is pretty good.  I was an interpreter in the Navy once upon a time.  I also took some German in high school and college.  That, with a regrettable period of time married to a German woman, gives me a passable ability in German.  Unfortunately, though, my foreign language abilities do not include any more than restaurant-level Spanish.  So, when I saw Julian Castro’s ad and he ended it with “Ya Basta!” I’ll admit I had to go google it.  But it’s true enough.  “Enough is enough.”

Even though it’s a good ad, that’s not why I write here.  Evidently, the ad is going to be available online and in a small ad buy on TV.  Where?, you might ask.  On Fox News throughout the day on Wednesday, targeted at Bedminster, New Jersey.  And specifically during Fox and Friends that morning.  What’s so interesting about Bedminster?  Well, that happens to be where Donald Trump is vacationing.  And it seems a good bet that he’ll be watching Fox that day, including what is reported to be appointment television for him, Fox and Friends.  So, again I write to congratulate Castro on a savvy political move.  I’m a big fan of this guy.


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