Veronica Mars

Hulu just put out a long awaited 4th season of the Veronica Mars show.  I didn’t watch the show when it came out originally, but caught up thanks to streaming at some point later.  I gobbled up the three seasons and also watched the movie they put together in 2014.

I figured since it’s been a few years since I watched the show, I should rewatch from the beginning before I watch the fourth season.  As Professor Mondo knows, I’m someone who likes to read or watch things in order.  I just don’t like coming into the middle of something.  There have been a number of times that the good Professor has turned me onto a book series, but I was unwilling to start it until I could go back and start from book one.  This was especially difficult when I was trying to find the first books in the long running Remo Williams series.

Anywho, I’ve just finished my rewatch of Season one, getting the Maddoc hooked in the process.  As I recall, Seasons two and three don’t hold up as well.  I’ll have to do a top ten list for my favorite TV shows and best seasons of a TV show at some point, but I think Season one of Veronica Mars is going to be on both lists.  The show suffers only a little bit from the fact that it was done in the mid 2000s.  Some of Veronica’s investigation techniques are a little quaint at this point.  But, she’s spunky and fights for the down trodden.  She’s a poor kid in a rich kid’s world.  She had a taste of the rich world when she had an 09-er boyfriend and best friend, but then she lost all of that when her best friend was murdered and her sheriff dad went after the parents of the best friend/boyfriend.  The mystery weaves throughout the season with your usual PI case of the week to fill out each episode.  The supporting characters are great and all get their moments to shine.

A small quibble I had was the Logan/Veronica relationship.  I remember not liking that on my first viewing.  Maddoc says she likes them as a couple, so I’m giving Logan a second chance.  Veronica’s relationship with her dad is the cornerstone of this show.  The last episode of Season one is great because Veronica gets to wrap up the story lines with her dad, mom and the murder mystery.  We just finished the final episode of Season one today and I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears.

No matter what happens in the other seasons, I’m really happy I went back and rewatched from the beginning.  Here’s the theme song to the show.  It’s been stuck in my head on repeat for a while now.

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