A Couple of Thoughts on Guns

  • I’ve liked what I’ve heard from Beto O’Rourke since the shootings over the weekend.  Sure there’s some political opportunism at work, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who is triangulating.  He’s from El Paso, so he can speak with some authority on the subject of this shooting.  I listened to an interview with him on Pod Save America.  He’s not mincing words and I like that.  I’m going to be a fan of any of the candidates who are going to call out Republicans, Trump, the NRA and gun manufacturers in STRONG terms.  So far, Beto and Mayor Pete have stood out.  I’m thinking these two might be getting part of my next $20 donation.
  • Just because some of the gun control measures will not fix all of the problems we have with guns in the country is not a reason to do nothing.  I will be dismissive of anyone who makes such an argument.  I put that argument on the level of the “video games are the cause” arguments that have popped out of the mouths of some Republican lawmakers.
  • I’d like to see Democratic politicians take on the sacred nature of the 2nd amendment.  It’s not a third rail, or at least should not be treated as such.  There are limits on freedom of speech in the 1st Amendment and goodness knows that conservatives like to put limits on the 4th and 5th Amendments.  There’s no reason to be afraid of arguing for limits on the 2nd amendment.
  • You know you’ve got Republicans on the ropes on an issue when Trump is forced to give a speech and everyone comments about how he stuck to what was written in the teleprompter.  Right, Toledo?  But, when he eventually gets sick of being handled by his aides or bristles at the criticism or tries to change the subject, don’t let him.  August is a slow month.  Let’s make this the month and the moment where we can make some progress on this issue!

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