Not Bad Songs by Bands Past their Prime – Night Ranger Edition

I use Apple Music, Youtube, or Sirius XM radio for most of my music listening.  On Apple Music, I create playlists to keep track of songs that I hear that I want to go back and listen to again.  One of the playlists I created is in the title of this post – Not Bad Songs by Bands Past their Prime.  When I come across a newer song I like from a band I used to listen to a lot, I throw it in this playlist.  There are 5 songs in the playlist at present.

The song I want to highlight today is from Night Ranger.  My musical tastes are varied, but I definitely like the pop/rock or hair metal from the 1980s.  I’ve been a fan of Night Ranger since their first album and even followed Jack Blades when he was off with Damn Yankees and on his own.  Side note, I wish Apple Music had his first solo album from 2004.  I really dig one song from that one, although that’s probably the topic for another post.

Night Ranger was a big deal in the 80s.  Some big hits and platinum and gold selling albums.  But they’ve been recording, off and on, in the intervening decades, including the album Don’t Let Up from 2017.  The album isn’t anything to go on about, but I really dig the title song from the album.  Here you go –

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