Healthcare at the Next Debates

In a couple of weeks, we’ll have the next round of debates with Democratic candidates for 2020.  At the last debate, I thought that the questions about Healthcare were very “gotcha” in nature – trying to find a place for candidates to go after one another.  I actually think all of the candidates are pretty close to one another in what they would like to see in the US healthcare system.  The differences lie in how they would get from here to there.  I assume there’ll be a question on Healthcare at the next debate.  Here are some thoughts.

I support any of the candidates saying they support an eventual destination of Medicare for All or single payer.

Bernie needs to be more specific about how the tax increases he proposes will be offset by elimination of premiums, deductibles, etc.

Any of the candidates that are all in on Medicare for All should explain what they’ll do if Dems don’t hold the Senate and House.  If you’ve got only 50 seats in the Senate, are you going to advocate to eliminate the fillibuster to pass Medicare for All?  What’s the transition?

You can’t just say you’re going to have coattails and, voila, you’ll win the House and Senate.  What are you going to do if the GOP has the House or Senate?  I’d like to see this answer be that you’ll use executive authority as much as possible to help people keep their health insurance.

I appreciate that Joe is trying to defend the ACA, but he needs to quit pretending that the only options are the ACA or Medicare for All.  If you win, Joe, are you gonna just stand pat on the ACA or where will you go with it?

Finally, I want someone’s answer to be something like this.  I’m for the goal of Medicare for All.  I realize that takes at least a majority in the Senate and House to achieve.  I will campaign across the country to help Democratic candidates get elected so that we can achieve our goal of healthcare for all.  If we get the House and Senate in 2020, I will work with all parties to improve Americans’ healthcare.  While I will advocate for Medicare for All, I will sign any bill that works to improve the healthcare of Americans.  If the GOP holds the House and/or Senate and they prove unwilling partners in helping Americans get better healthcare, I will use all the executive authority I have to do so by myself.

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