Why I won’t vote for Republicans

It’s not that Democrats are perfect.  Politicians with a (D) after their names get involved in sex scandals (ah, John Edwards).  They’re also sometimes corrupt (see, Louisiana, freezer full of cash).  But the same can be said for Republican politicians.  Maybe if there was a little more moderate middle in the political parties, I might choose to go with the person, rather than the party.  But politicians at the federal level rarely go against the public platform of their respective parties and I just can’t vote for anyone that has to toe the line with the GOP platform.  First case in point is right here.  The title of the piece kind of says it all – “No Room for Gays in the Republican Party.”  And here’s the bottom line.  Maybe Romney really doesn’t care whether his spokesman is gay or not.  But the people in his party do.  And Romney’s got to go with what the folks in his party want.  Therefore, the gay foreign-policy spokesman is forced to resign.  There is a clear difference between the parties on the issue of gay rights.  All things being equal, I’m going to vote for the guy or gal from the party where they’re in favor of gay rights.

2 thoughts on “Why I won’t vote for Republicans

  1. So I guess you’ll vote against this guy?

    “I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, For me, as a Christian, it is also a sacred union.” — Barack Obama, 2008.

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