Good Stuff…

…Going on in the intersecting world of consumer financial reform and help for servicemembers.  This is the area that I’m hoping to stay in for the rest of my working career and the CFPB is right at the center of this intersection. 

Today, Holly Petraeus (one of the reasons I came to the CFPB is because she was here) is joining the President and Mrs. Obama (you know I support them too) at Fort Stewart for the signing of an Executive Order “directing the Departments of Education, Defense, and Veterans Affairs, in consultation with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), to take steps to ensure that servicemembers, veterans and their families can get the information they need about the schools where they spend their education benefits.”  As Mrs. Petraeus says, “It’s in everyone’s interest to see that military education dollars are well-spent. If they are, they will provide our country with educated veterans and family members who, like the World War II generation before them, can become the engine that drives our economy forward.”

I’ll probably also be watching this at 12:30.

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