Guiding Principles of the Day

Although I’m a few days late on this one. From Kevin Drum:

Modern conservatives have a few simple guiding principles. Keep taxes on rich people low. Let corporations do whatever they want. Toe the Christian right line on social issues and the NRA line on gun issues. Support military action overseas if a Republican president proposes it. Oppose spending on poor people.

One thought on “Guiding Principles of the Day

  1. I suppose a counter would be:Modern liberals have a few simple guiding principles. Punish people who earn more money than we think they should have. Make everyone do whatever we want them to do. Espouse relativism in all matters but the value of relativism, and make sure people who follow the law have little if any chance to defend themselves. Support military action overseas [btw, where else would one support military action — are we going to invade Idaho?] if it does us no good whatsoever. Buy the votes of poor people and apparatchiki.Yeah, y'all are the masters of nuance.

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