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In an article from the Economist’s DIA blog:

The idea that sustainable-resource use and renewable energy is some kind of socialist hippy hobby is incredibly naive and frivolous, and extremely damaging to the American economy.

What he said.

One thought on “Line of the Day

  1. I think that part of the problem is rhetorical. Perhaps it would seem like less of a socialist hippie hobby were it not being pushed by hippies and socialists with a bias toward gutting industrial civilization. If and when renewable energy sources become more profitable than the current sources, they'll be exploited accordingly.As it stands, crapwagons like the Volt and its limited-range brethren have about as much appeal as a dose of clap for anyone whose lifestyle dictates frequent driving. Hybrids, meanwhile, don't seem to justify the additional expense (unless self-congratulation is a luxury you can afford.) For example, the 2010 Hybrid Chevy Tahoe (not the best comparison, but there are no hybrid minivans available in the US) gets essentially the same mileage as my 03 Kia minivan. However, it costs nearly double the price of a new Sedona, and 140 or so% of its conventionally powered version.I agree that human resourcefulness is amazing — and it has played out, for example, in the Simon-Ehrlich wager. Perhaps the time will come when alternative energy has a lower real cost than oil, and R&D should continue so that such a day might happen. However, it ain't here yet, and a hard sell to screw up our standard of living is premature at best and suspicious at worst.

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