New Year, Old Job

As you may know, I’ve recently returned from a deployment to Iraq. Before I left for my deployment, I was informed that I would be reassigned to a different job and base here in the Capital Region. Even upon my return from Iraq, I immediately started the process to change jobs and move to my new base. But during my reconstitution time over the holidays, big Air Force decided that I would be a much better fit at my old job – at my old base. So I sit here in the same office, at the same desk I left in May. 2011 has already thrown me a curveball and we’re just 11 days into the new year. This curveball, however, is not that bad. As I ponder and prepare for my upcoming retirement from the military (as early as November 2011), I think this old desk and job are not a bad place to be. Now if they’d just get the heat on in the building, my first day back at work in a month would be not bad at all.

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