Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions…

Maybe I can get my Mom and wife to come over here and give a read if I put some personal stuff down. So here’s one. My main new year’s resolution has to do with losing weight. That’s typical for most people right? And certainly I don’t mind being thinner and in better shape as a general proposition. But the reason for this resolution is more health related. Due to a less than healthy diet and more weight than I should have, my cholesterol has been borderline the last few times I’ve had it checked. Since I’m in my mid-40’s and both sides of my family have some heart problems, it’s not just my vanity that leads me to want to lose the weight. Last year around this time, also spurred by the cholesterol levels, I stopped eating meat. This was part ideological, but more based on the desire to see my cholesterol numbers improve. I survived all of 2010, including a stint in Iraq, without meat and am currently waiting for the results of my most recent blood test. Since I stopped eating meat, but not cheese and eggs (vegetarian, not vegan), I suspect my cholesterol is not going to be hugely improved. So, before a doctor tries to prescribe me Lipitor or something similar, I’ve decided to try to lose some weight (I’m at least 25 pounds over what is considered a healthy weight for my height). That’s pretty much the last thing I can do behavior-wise to affect my cholesterol at this point.

I’m currently 4 days into the program I’ve started (I’ll do another post later to describe the plan I’m on). It’s not fun, but I consider it necessary. Despite my wife’s urging, I’m not going to turn this into a fat blog. But I will check back in occasionally to give some updates.

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