Happy New Year

Among the usual new year’s resolutions about losing weight and doing other virtuous things, I’ve added a goal of trying to write on this blog a little more. As we start out 2011, I’m looking at some changes in my professional and, perhaps, personal life. There’s a good chance that I’ll be retiring from the Air Force in 2011. The next thing I do with my life (since I’m a military lawyer and I’m leaving the military to become a civilian lawyer is it a job or career change? I’ll leave that question for another post) may lead to a move from my present location and may also lead to a house purchase as well. So hopefully there will be plenty to write about. My primary focus here will probably be politics and current events as it has been in the past. But I’ll probably also sprinkle in some personal stuff as well. That’s probably OK, since I only have one reader to speak of. And speaking of that one reader, thanx to Professor Mondo for the nudge to get me going over here again.

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