Troops support anti-war candidates

My own anecdotal experience backs this up. I’ve had discussions with officers and enlisted in the AF and other services on the subject and I’ve seen that we’re hardly the monolithic “gung ho” group that Limbaugh would have you believe. Most people are in the military because of the opportunity to serve or because it can be a fine and fulfilling career choice. But those people are not in the military BECAUSE they agree with the current administration’s policies. Maybe they also agree with the policies, but that’s not why they’re serving. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that many people in the military support anti-war candidates. Yes, the military tends to be more conservative than the country, but that also means that military members are very likely to be family-oriented. This war has meant more and more separation for military families. Ending the war means less deployments, means less separation from loved ones.

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