Executive Order on torture

This is a very good post talking about the President’s recent Executive Order, freeing up the CIA potentially to use “highly coercive, non-Geneva compliant interrogation techniques.” If the post and articles referenced therein are correct, then a big bravo zulu should again go out to the senior service JAGs who are working behind the scenes to try and ensure that the U.S. keeps to its international legal obligations.

Of course it says something that the JAG leaders are still appealling to Republicans, rather than Democrats.

It is a good measure of the depth of current concerns that the JAG leaders have turned, yet again, to the three senior Republicans on the Armed Services Committee with an appeal to override a presidential decision. It’s not the first time this happened. And on earlier cases, the White House has responded with ferocious and vindictive attacks on officers involved. But those are stories to be developed at a later date.

Maybe it’s because the president is Republican? Or because the military leaders feel more comfortable dealing with their ideological brethren? Hopefully over time those senior JAGs will be able to talk to senior Democrats. And it’ll be because both of these things were fixed.

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