Why I’ll vote for the Democrat no matter what

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this post for a while. I sense there may be some push back against Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama if either of them becomes the Democratic candidate for President. I think especially with Hilary and especially in the military. In 2006, I heard dozens of otherwise conservative, I always vote Republican folx comment that it wouldn’t be that bad if the Democrats took over Congress or that they would be voting Democratic for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, if Hilary is the candidate for President, I doubt we’ll see as much of that in 2008. The funny thing is, I’m not sure those people can even articulate why they’d vote against her, other than that they just don’t like her. In fact, I’ve already had one conversation which went essentially like that. A claim to be independent, but I’ll never vote for Hilary. Why? I don’t know, just something about her.

So, as for me – my preferred candidate right now is Edwards. And I’m hoping it won’t be Hilary because I see some down-ticket negatives with her as the candidate. But Edwards, Obama, Clinton or even Gravel, I’m voting for the Democrat. Here’s why:

  1. War in Iraq – While the number of troops left in there will differ between candidates, all Democratic candidates will work to get us out of Iraq. All Republicans (except Paul) will continue the war.
  2. Judges – Not just the supreme court, but the entire federal judiciary has taken a significant turn toward the conservative. This means more pro-business/anti-consumer rulings, more death penalty cases, more pro-prosecutor holdings. I view this as a bad thing (obviously – Liberal JAG, hello?). A democratic congress is not enough to stop this erosion. We need 8 years of Democrats at the executive and legislative controls to set this right. I’m sure Republicans won’t see anything wrong with filibustering judicial nominations then (upperdown vote anyone?), but that’s a discussion for another day.
  3. Science – Democrats are much less likely to try and let religion dictate the scientific choices we need to make in this country. Global warming won’t be discounted because it’ll cost business too much. People will actually be able to get and use birth control, as opposed to being lectured about having sex only when they’re married. The scientists in a Democratic administration will actually be able to talk about the science, rather than be ordered to mention President Edwards name 10 times per page in a speech. Stem cell research.
  4. Civil Rights (warrantless wiretapping, torture, Guantanamo) – With the possible exception of McCain and Paul, the Republicans pretty much stand for everything Bush has done in this arena — and then some. Romney says triple Guantanamo. Democrats would close it. Democrats would use warrants to wiretap U.S. citizens. Democrats don’t think torture (even when euphemistically referred to as enhanced interrogation techniques) is O.K.

These are the main things that come to mind and which drive my vote in the next election. I’ll keep some of the other issues for other posts.

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