While I owe a response to my only current reader on another issue, there are a couple of posts I’ve got backed up in my queue.

Here’s a post from Anonymous Liberal that I really enjoyed. There are any number of major issues I have with the tactics the Bush administration has used in prosecuting the so-called Global War on Terror (hmm, tactics used in a war on tactics). The Guantanamo debacle and its accompanying “enhanced interrogation techniques” is very bad, but at least it’s not aimed at U.S. citizens. Warrantless wiretapping is awful and a violation of the 4th amendment IMHO, but it’s sometimes hard to get worked up over because it’s kind of depersonalized with No Such Agency sifting through EVERY communication we make. But the case of Jose Padilla is just scary. Under the theory of this presidential administration, they can grab you off the street and lock you up. You can’t contest your imprisonment, probably can’t see the evidence against you, and can’t talk to a lawyer. They use those dreaded enhanced interrogation techniques against you. And, oh, yeah and this goes on for over 4 years and you’re a U.S. citizen.

And we’re told that we should trust this administration that they’ll do the right thing. They’re trying to protect us. Right.

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