AF Deputy Judge Advocate General makes waves

A few links here. It appears that our Deputy Judge Advocate General or DJAG is writing an article on the use of airpower in Counter-insurgency operations. Looks pretty straight forward from what I can tell from the pre-publication push piece I found here.

Then I also found some blog entries, here , here and here, referencing DJAG’s comments in a Defense News article about striking Iranian oil refineries. The Defense News article itself if a subscription only site, so I haven’t been able to see the whole article. It sounds like he’s advocating the neocon position of attacking Iran. One, that seems a pretty political position for a military member to be taking. I suspect I’d get smacked down pretty hard if I was trying to get anti-war articles published. And two, probably needless to say I don’t agree with that idea. But hey, maybe that’s not what the article actually says and it’s just some of those looney lefties taking things out of context the way they always do.

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